Advantages of renting a Scooter in Málaga

Image of a man discovering the advantages of renting a scooter in Málaga

Renting a scooter in Malaga has a series of advantages that we reveal below.

Scooters has become the perfect vehicle to move around the city. They are light and their driving is easier, their consumption is very low, they are comfortable and, in addition, they are very practical and versatile. These advantages make them the perfect mobility solution for cities like Málaga. Whether for your work, because you have to move from one end of the city to another, or because you are looking for a way to move during your holidays, Scooter motorcycles have a number of advantages that make it very interesting to consider your rental in Malaga.


We present the advantages of renting a scooter in Malaga.


1. Scooters are easy to park.

If you have tried to park your car in the center of Malaga at certain times and places you have been able to get desperate. However with a scooter it is much less stressful. Their small size makes them easier to park and almost fit anywhere. Allowing the stations very close to your destination saving a ride to the exact site you wanted to reach. Malaga has many spaces reserved for your bikes. Here we show you the parkings reserved for motorcycles in Malaga. By the way, in most of the time the parking will be free.

2. Scooters pollute little.

Every time we are more aware of the importance of preserving the environment and to take care of the environment, the scooter helps to reduce pollution levels in cities. Its engines, smaller, emit less CO2 than cars and large displacement bikes. Being more respectful with the air of Malaga.

3. Its consumption is reduced.

This type of motorcycles need less fuel. Its benefits are more than capable to move around the city with a lower consumption. Its 125 cc engine is the one that makes it possible to emit less harmful gases and consume less fuel. All the above will result in savings that the pocket will appreciate.

4. Scooters are perfect for all times of the year in Malaga.

Malaga for its good weather all year round is an ideal city to get around on Scooter. Winters in Malaga are not as hard as in other parts of Spain, and scooters have measures to protect against the weather at that time of year, such as their space to protect the legs and windshields. And in summer... in summer Have you tried to rent a scooter in Malaga during the summer ?. Try it, it's a unique experience.

5. Scooters are ideal for couples.

If you and your partner have escaped to visit Malaga or the Costa del Sol, one of the best ways to move at your leisure is on Scooter. And is that the passenger seat is usually wider than in other bikes, so your companion will be more comfortable. Do not worry about the helmets on our scooters we include two helmets in the rental price by default.

6. Scooters are more manageable.

Being lighter and with a lower seat height can be handled by people of all ages or for the most novice. The maneuvers that are made with a motorcycle of this type are usually not complex and because they do not reach very high speeds make their driving easier.

7. They are designed to flow smoothly in urban traffic.

A greater maneuverability and its small size, in addition, the scooters are usually automatic, so gear changes and clutch are things that we do not have to worry about. This makes the scooter the ideal solution to deal with the traffic of the city, avoiding traffic jams, endless searches for parking and a more fluid circulation.

8. The boot space.

Yes, this type of motorcycle has a space under the seat to transport what you need. This makes it useful in several circumstances. At the time of going to work, it allows you to transport laptops, briefcases, documentation, etc. It is very useful to store purchases or to store the motorcycle helmet.


9. A bike suitable for beginners.

A motor scooter can be driven with the driving license B of the car. It is not necessary to invest money or time to acquire the A2 to drive a motorcycle. The brakes are usually on the handlebars and, as we said, they are also automatic and this makes driving a scooter easier for people who want to start in the biker's world.

10. The advantages of renting a scooter in Malaga in front of owning a motorcycle.

You forget about maintenance and cleaning. It is not necessary to hire a monthly insurance, basic insurance is included in our final prices. You pay for its actual use. On occasion you may need to travel by motorcycle, that's the time to rent a motorcycle, before a specific need, forgetting about the problems of owning a motorcycle. It is usually perfect to practice if you have the B2 driving license and you want to try to experience this driving or practice with it.

We have presented the advantages of renting scooters in Malaga, and we offer you a wide variety of models of scooters to rent at the price that suits you best.