Car rental at Malaga airport

malaga airport car rental

Car rental malaga

March is one of the most complete months of the year, on the one hand we have started celebrating International Women's Day, and in a short time we will end celebrating the beginning of spring. In addition, according to some travel blogs, March is one of the best months to visit Malaga, since the weather is more pleasant, temperatures are mild and it is not yet high season, so you can know the secret corners of Malaga and all its tourist offer without feeling the stress of the summer months.

Malaga is a land full of magical corners, so we recommend that if you travel in March or at any time of the year to Malaga, renting a car will give you the freedom to travel to all the wonderful points of the province.

Car rental malaga airport

Many of the tourists who choose Malaga as a starting point for their trips in Spain, land at Malaga airport, Malaga airport is known as Pablo Picasso Airport or Malaga Airport - Costa del Sol. The airport is less 10 kilometers from the center of Malaga. Larios Rental makes rental cars available at Malaga airport, so you can land and start your adventure on the Costa del Sol without any problems and enjoying the freedom to drive.

Malaga airport car rental

At the airport you can find different car rental companies, but none of them can give you the personalized service offered by Larios Rental.

How does the car rental system work at Malaga airport?

One of our people in charge will wait for you just after your flight with a sign with your name and will take you to the parking lot where your rental vehicle will be waiting for you. Larios Rental is concerned with offering maximum comfort to its customers when traveling, so you will not have to queue at any office, just get off your flight and we will receive you with open arms. Once in your car, if you have not yet paid the reservation, you can do so at the moment in cash or using our portable data. Fast, comfortable and easy.

Car rental in malaga airport

Most decide to have their rental vehicle from the airport, although some visitors are expected to arrive in the center of Malaga or the hotel they are staying to rent their vehicle, Larios Rental offers all these services. You can choose the place and the moment in which you want to start your trip with your rental car, either by renting a car at the Malaga airport, renting a vehicle in Malaga center, or requesting that you take a vehicle to your hotel or any other address you provided. Larios Rental offers car rental service at home in Malaga, so it will be very easy to access car rental services in Malaga, wherever you are. You just have to indicate the time of delivery and collection of the car and the place and stop worrying about anything else. The car rental service at home does not have any additional cost, provided that the delivery and collection of the vehicle is in Malaga.

 Car rental malaga

We refer to car rental, but Larios Rental among its options offers motorcycle rental and bike rental. Now with good weather to decide between renting a Mini Cooper convertible or a bike, it will only depend on the type of route you want to do.

Soon we will leave you more post about routes to do by motorcycle, car and bike in Malaga, you can consult old posts in which we talk about some routes or the advantages of renting the car of your dreams.

Find out about our rental cars to start your getaway!

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