Rent a car and have a safe holiday

Rent a car and have a safe holiday

December is just around the corner and our minds are already machining our next vacation getaway. Many people take advantage of the Christmas holidays to travel hundreds of kilometers and meet their loved ones. Now you have the opportunity to rent any of our cars that are fully equipped to make all kinds of journeys.

May the bad weather not prevent you from having the best vacation with your rental car!

Larios Rental does not want bad weather to be an impediment for you to meet your itineraries, so we bring you a series of simple tips so you can undertake your trips despite the weather.

Rent your car and feel safe

At this time it is more common to encounter the occasional storm and even snow depending on which area we plan to move. Here we leave you the tips so that traveling by car remains a fun, safe and unforeseen adventure.

Tips when renting your car on a trip

Whether it is a short or long distance trip that you are going to make with your car or with a rental car, you must make sure that it meets the following requirements to make your trip feeling totally safe.

1. Be prepared for rain with your rental car.

It is important to check the correct functioning of all the elements of the car that protect us against rain. The most important thing is to check that the windshield wipers work correctly, that the condition of the tires is adequate and that the pressure they have is adequate to maximize their adhesion and avoid possible landslides due to rain or frost. Also, check that all the lights are in perfect condition is essential.

2. Care on the road with the first raindrops.

Take special caution with the beginning of a storm, as the drops mix with the dirt on the road and it is easier for the car to skate.

3. Attention to road markings.

Care must be taken with the road markings painted on the asphalt, since with the rain, you usually become slippery. Pedestrian crossings in the city can also become slippery.

4. Avoid fogged glass.

A simple trick is to turn on the air conditioner and direct it towards the windows to prevent them from fogging up. It is important to have a good vision about our surroundings and the road at all times.

5. Calculate safe distance correctly

In the case of rain or bad weather it is usually recommended to double the safety distance, since with water or nine on the asphalt, more meters are needed to stop. Staying at a moderate speed in bad weather may be recommended if it is necessary to stop the vehicle abruptly.

6. Remove the cruise control.

If aquaplaning occurs (it happens when the wheels of the car cannot properly evacuate the water present on the ground, losing grip), the best option is to have full control over the car. Drive delicately, don't step on the brake and hold the steering wheel firmly with both hands.

7. Caution against water rafts.

If you are going to pass on a raft of water, it is advisable to do it only with the wheels of one side of the car, reducing the speed and firmly grasping the steering wheel.

8. After crossing a puddle brakes briefly.

The ideal after crossing a puddle is to brake briefly and repeatedly to dry the brake discs so that they can brake as much as possible if necessary.

9. Drive smoothly and in advance.

Before external factors that may affect our trip, it is best to take a moderate pace, drive without abruptness and be alert to anticipate any unforeseen events on the road.

10. Be careful with the leaves.

Passing on wet or frozen leaves is equally dangerous, in autumn and winter many roads are covered with leaves. Be especially careful if you observe these types of unforeseen events on your trip.

We hope these little tips help you have a totally safe trip. The advantage of renting a car in Larios Rental is that our team takes care of all the reviews and take all the necessary measures so that you can have a 100% safe and worry-free trip.

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